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Hey – my name is Susie and in December 2014 I quit my job to embark on the long but exciting journey of becoming a yoga teacher.

I’ve spent the last eight years living and working in London, first as a beauty journalist and then in PR working for some of the world’s biggest beauty brands. I’ve had some incredible opportunities, made some wonderful friends, and have experienced the hedonistic side of London life first-hand.

But…I have also lived a life where excessive stress, pressure and exhaustion is considered normality. Achieving a work-life balance has been near impossible and I’ve spent the last eight years feeling like I can’t keep up. Burnt out, even.

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That’s where yoga comes in. When I discovered yoga in 2012 something seemed to click. After each session I felt better in both body and mind – stronger, healthier, calmer – and over time yoga became my meditation, my way to escape from the stresses of daily life. For the first time in my life I understood the meaning of achieving a mind-body connection and it encouraged me to clean up other areas of my life too from my diet, my partying and my career. On my 30th birthday I made the decision to quit my career in PR and turn yoga from my love to my life.

At the beginning of this year I went to study yoga in Thailand, and I’m now back in the UK putting all my learning to good use. I currently teach hot yoga to a lovely bunch of people (click here to find out more about my teaching) but my journey in yoga has only just begun.

I’ll let you in to a little secret… my hips are tight, my upper body strength sucks and I’ve yet to properly master a handstand. But I can teach a great class (so I’m told!), am a great student and maybe, just maybe, one day, I’ll have mastered a handstand worthy of showing you!

This is my journey from stressed-out PR girl to chilled-out yoga junkie. It’s my online diary, my place to process, to vent, to learn and to enjoy.

Thanks for reading!